A bit about me.

Dr Andrew Willis. Author: Practice-Matters

I went to medical school at The Middlesex Hospital (sadly no more), London University in the 1960s, before enrolling for one of the UK's first formal, three-year vocational training schemes for GPs - in Northampton. I remained in my training practice as a partner for a further 32 years.


Other than my clinical work, I had interests in the development of an appropriate infrastructure for general practice. This involved helping create suitable buildings, information systems, management and personnel. It also involved contributing to the development of the health service at local and national levels.


An early-adopter of micro-computing I developed my own consulting room system in the early 1980s, and later was involved in developing the NHS Network as well as in pilots of the electronic transfer of prescriptions.


During the 1990s I helped develop GP commissioning at both local and national levels - the involvement of general practices in the design and development of local health services.


I retired in 2006, but remain passionate about the British National Health Service, believing it to be the most economical means of providing comprehensive, equitable health care for the entire population of the UK. That said, it still needs adequate funding, and it is not getting that.

*  *  *

Retirement has allowed me the time and excuse to turn to other creative pastimes. Grandchildren, woodwork, photography and the garden.


Oh, all right, and wine and food.