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Practice Matters


The site is about three aspects of my life:

  • First and foremost, my work as an NHS GP between 1973 - 2006

  • But also my enthusiasm for photography

  • And my interests as a woodworker and woodturner

       - We all have hobbies; these are some of mine.


The title is an intentional pun. It applies to my work in several ways, and also to my hobbies, where practice always matters!

Please note: Unfortunately some of the archive documents for the book have disappeared from the web since the site was first set up, so the links to them fail.

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In the years before and following my retirement I wrote Practice Matters, and published it in February 2017. It is a description of the dramatic development of modern general practice in the 2nd half of the 20th century,. During that time it rose from the baggage train of the NHS to become its spearhead, the central element of the service? Why? And how?


The book explains that transformation, describing the why and how from my perspective of having been there, and having been involved in some of the most important changes. It combines personal anecdotes with historical detail.

Practice Matters was  Highly Commended in the  2018 British Medical Association Book Awards.

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I hope you find the site of interest.

Andrew Willis.